Fun In The Kitchen

A new touch to “learn while you play”! Creative Education Games are designed to improve your kids skills!
And with one pack of 6 different games!

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Ebru Painting

It’s a whole new painting app! It’s the traditional Turkish art of painting on water! Ebru Painting is here for you and your kids!
It’s fun, it’s creative! Once you start, you can’t put it down!

app store • creative education • water marbling  kids games • english  turkish


Cat & Cody: Learning Seasons

If we give our kids a choice, we give them a future. Let’s choose creative education, and creative education games!

Zibumi is proud to present the first game in Creative Education Game Series: Cat&Cody Learning Seasons. Game is suitable for kids of age 2-5.

app store • creative education • seasons  kids games • english  turkish